Scheduling Classes -Talk to an Upperclassman- let us know you need info about professors and classes that you are scheduling. We'll pass your email on to an upperclassman who can help you. Make sure to include your major if you know it so that we can match you up better.

Health Center -Are you sick? When you get sick you can go to the Health Center on campus. If you have "Cane Insurance" it won't cost you anything. Well, better said, you already paid for it when you paid your tuition. The Health Center is located across the street from the Lowe Art Museum next to the Wesley Foundation.

Used Books- If available, BUY THEM, trust me you don't need that book to be new. You'll save lots of money! has great deals for textbooks.

Time Management- In College, you won't have anyone making you go to class. You need to motivate yourself to attend. We suggest you get a planner and write down all your weekly classes and activities. If you don't go to class you will regret it later. One day of class in college could be equivalent to a week of class in high school.

Money Management- Don't spend all your money the first week of school!! and watch out for those credit card applications. Before you know it you can be in debt. Spend what you have - not what you don't have. Don't count on paying it all off when you graduate, you may find yourself asking "Would you like fries with that?" If you do have to use your credit card, use it for something that lasts - not food, or other such things.

Wait to Shop- Don't buy all the stuff you need in your room before you get here. Your roommate may have some of it and that way you won't have 2 TVs, 2 phones, 2 answering machines...get the picture?!!

Security- Campus is a great place, but you shouldn't go walking around campus at night by yourself. The university provides campus transit --a van that takes you around campus during late hours. Ask your RA about it.

Meal Plans- Balance your meal plan and have some hurricane express money. You may not eat every meal in the cafeteria. All meals not used by the end of the semester are lost.


Places to eat - Coconut Grove:
Cheesecake Factory, Continental $15
Cafe TuTu Tango Pizzas, etc. under $10,
Dan Marino's American Sports Bar and Grill, American $10-$14
Planet Hollywood, Continental $12
Senor Frogs, Mexican $14


Friends- Don't be a Loner the first few weeks of school. Everybody needs a place to belong. Make friendships that will last.
Check us out!

The GOD thing- There are lots of things you can get involved with on campus. Don't forget to get involved with what GOD is doing. College doesn't have to be the place you fall away from God, but the place you grow in Him and get to know Him more.

Roommate Survival- Here are some tips to being a good roommate:

  • Don’t leave your stuff all over the room.
  • Don’t borrow their stuff without their permission.
  • Don’t set your alarm at 5 a.m. and snooze until 8 a.m.
  • Don’t keep the light on too late, be considerate of their sleeping time.
  • Don’t assume things, talk to your roommate if you have a problem.
  • Work out a contract together on disagreements you might have.
  • Get to know them.
  • If all else fails, talk to your R.A.

Dating- Don't settle for the first person you find. There are lots of people around and you want to get to know them as friends first. Set your standards and stick to them. Know what kind of person you want to date.

Global Friends- There are lots of people on this campus. Don't just stick to the people that look like you. On this campus you will have the opportunity to meet students from around the world. You may never have an opportunity like this again, take advantage of it and meet someone from another country.

Eating Disorders- Most women are dissatisfied with their weight. you can go to an extreme in trying to control it. The truth is that when we don't accept the way we are we can become bulimic or anorexic. There are always deeper issues to deal with than just your weight. Let GOD determine who you are as a person, not your weight. God calls you beautiful and a perfect creation. He says that He has loved you with an everlasting love. Eating disorders won't help you. They can even be fatal! Look for help. Contact Us or the Counseling Center at